Yate Sleeping Bag Anseris 700 Down Size M 160Cm

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A three-season sleeping bag with a high-quality goose down filling is an ideal deal for those who want to use a versatile sleeping bag from spring to autumn. Its other qualities include DWR fabric treatment, low weight and a small volume when packed.Construction informations:Insulating filling: goose down are among the highest quality fillings for sleeping bags. It is light, perfectly insulates and, unlike duck feathers, has a good filling (cuin) and is odorless.Nylon fabric: Nylon is more suitable for making a sleeping bag than polyester. It is because the fabric woven from Nylon is lighter and softer. It makes a light-weight sleeping bag and improves its loft (the filling can expand much better and take up the full volume of chambers which results in better insulation properties). DWR treatment – Durable Water Repellent – protects the filling from the drizzle, dew, and water condensing on and dripping off the inner walls of a tent. It makes for faster drying and also prolongs the life-span of the filling especially when it is goose down.Zipper: YKK zipper has plastic protector against fabric penetration into the slider and spontaneous opening

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